Welcome to Virtual Worlds for Health Education

As part of COAG’s Targeting Skills Needs in Regions program, CIT has funding for Virtual Worlds in Health Education, using next generation technology to develop an online, virtual environment that provides learners in the health and community services industries with a simulated, yet immersive and experiential training and workplace experience.

The project was supported by ACT Health, Greater Southern Health Service, Riverina TAFE and the ACT Infection Control Society. The project commenced in late 2008, with formation of the Project Reference Group to provide industry input and strategic direction. Instructional Design Workshops have been held to develop teaching and learning strategies for the virtual world environment. From these inputs we are developing 3D objects and scenarios that will provide simulated yet realistic workplace settings and experiences.

This project will position CIT as one of the leaders in next generation technology in an education environment. The project will explore training learners in risky situations as well as providing a safe platform to explore aspects of culture safety.

CIT Virtual Worlds Project

In 2010 CIT internally funded the continuation of this project, read the CIT Virtual Worlds project documents for more information